The same principle is at the scene we saw being round set (objects and cars suddenly floating in the air) and Bay showed us on the computer a grand scene of action by the sea, still in preview stage, in which a transatlantic begins to levitate out of the water and through an avenue in front of the car fleeing the protagonists.

Everything indicates that the charismatic Autobot will have a new owner over the Age of Extinction, And then we see the first glimpse of what promises to be the differential of the action scenes in this movie: antigravity. Bounty hunters come to the farm Cade and abduct the girl with a gravitational attraction, before attaching it to a network. The scene is somewhat reminiscent War of the Worlds, when Tom Cruise refuses to hand over his daughter to aliens.

Sophia Myles, in the role of an assistant archaeologist Tucci, complete the “tram” the good guys and good guys quasi-which should run from one side to the other throughout the film (Sophia, Tucci, Wahlberg, Peltz and Reynor occupy the old Toyota utility that we saw being used on the set). In this nucleus, the main subplot is the effort of the young driver to prove his worth to the father, who has just discovered dating daughter. In the video, the scene where Bumblebee is despised by Transformers designer, Wahlberg calls the car “Bee” and tries to calm him, like Shia LaBeouf previously made​​.

The impression is that even after the complete exchange of the cast (not military core led by Josh Duhamel remains) normal human - now the inventor farmer and his daughter - still have more important role than Optimus and Co. Although everyone has know the presence of the Dinobots in the film, they were not mentioned even once in the video we saw on set. Maybe Michael Bay has saved the surprise for the first trailer, which will be unveiled next Sunday during the Super Bowl. Have the full account of our visit to the filming in Detroit you can see here in the coming days, wait!